Millefiori Kitchen Blooms with possibility

From Kitschy to Classic Recycled Glass Countertops

millefiori-kitchen-case-study-vetrazzo[1]-1Where do you spend the most time in your home?

Chances are, the majority of your time is spent in the kitchen - preparing meals, grabbing late night snacks, entertaining guests, or swapping stories with the family over breakfast.

That’s why the design of your kitchen is so important.  Its look and feel should be an expression of who you are – not a homage to 1970’s kitchen décor (maybe it’s time to say goodbye to those glitter laminate countertops).

Vetrazzo believes that good design should be made with equal parts function and beauty. Our artfully crafted and environmentally friendly recycled glass countertops proved to be the perfect fit for one homeowner who was looking to transform her kitchen’s busy décor into something more classic.

Download our free project case study: Millefiori Kitchen Blooms with Possibility and you’ll get a glimpse at:

  • Understanding the design story, from concept to completion
  • Beautiful photography of the remodeled, elegant kitchen featuring Millefiori countertops
  • Receiving design inspiration

See Vetrazzo’s Millefiori Countertops Transform a Kitchen